Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Sweet Colby

I feel as if sometimes my little Colby gets lost in the hustle and bustle. With a big bro that demands quite a bit of attention, I often write about them both or focus on Chase without realizing it. Chase is at such a precocious age that it sometimes is just the way it is. 

As Colby gets older, he's holding his own. He watches Chase with eagle eyes and absorbs everything he is doing, he also tries everything his brother does and in many instances gets in trouble the very same way his brother does... His big blue eyes often have a sparkle and he tends to smirk a little under that binky of his when he comes up with a plan to annoy Chase somehow... He inserts himself into playing games that Chase wants to play and if Chase is in "character" as one of his very many superhero heroes Colby will try his best to be involved and a part of the fun. He is no wallflower, he doesn't shrink into the background, he is here to stay and his big brother will just have to get used to it! 

Despite Colby's vying for position in our household as the second born in a family of four with two boys, he is and always has been the sweetest little boy. He loves Chase unconditionally, will share all his toys. He gets so excited when we are on our way to school (never puts up a fight like you know who) in the morning especially when we see one of his friends. He walks right into his classroom ready to start the day. He always says goodnight to me and some version of Mama, I luv u. He gives the best hugs (much like his daddy) not just quick, short, hugs but long, tight around the neck bear hugs that can last five or more minutes if you let them... He is an artist, our very own Jackson Pollack! He loves to color mostly with markers, so watch out! You MUST have washable markers when he is around! 

You can always get a smile from Colbers, sometimes by just looking at him with a smile, he is almost certain to smile back. He is so ticklish and his giggle is infectious. He also has a million different facial expressions that he can switch in the blink of an eye but mostly to get a laugh! He loves to show you his belly button and blow  "shurberts" on your bellie. He plays so well independently and is so curious. Much in the same way he watches Chase, he watches everyone and everything and wants to try and do everything. He has no fear and quite an arm. He LOVES bugs and will stop me in the middle of anything, grab my hand and pull me over to check out a cool spider that has made a web next to our garage door. He loves to run, play tag, climb ladders, slide on his belly down our slide, and swing, and swing, and swing. He loves bath time (maybe b/c he recently found his manly parts ;) and swimming and stomping on rain puddles with his boots on. He loves wearing shoes and going bye-bye. He will always wave hello and bye-bye to everyone. He loves to eat and will shove as much food in his mouth that he can get at a time. He will watch you watching him and do whatever it is over and over just to make you laugh. He gets dressed in whatever I pick out and doesn't fuss. He's more focused on what he's going to do next, what his older bro is up to or, what he's going to eat next. :) 

Colby hasn't completely ditched his binky yet but we're down to two at home and one at school and when they're gone they're gone. He is starting to talk more, test out those vocal cords. His current vocabulary consists of:  more, muma, dadeee, puh-lease, cheeeez, ches (chase), ball, yeah, uh oh, up, all done, baba, hop (help), no (he said yes before no :) and bye.

This weekend we spent time at our family's hay farm near White Pass on the Cowlitz River. I realized as I watched Colby playing at the river's edge all by himself completely engaged in throwing rocks into the river how sweet and innocent he is, how much I truly love being his mama. I took the following photos of him playing by the river... 

Colby is my sweetheart, a complete joy. I am so lucky to have little Colby. He brings balance and joy to our lives. He's funny, sweet, caring, rambunctious, my little scooterbug...
My Sweet Colby. 

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  1. Such a sweet post! I laughed and smiled all the way through reading it! What a cute, growing little guy!