Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chase's Cheezy Birthday

This past week our first born turned four years old. I can't believe it! He is growing so fast. For the boys' birthdays we've started a tradition to do big birthday party's every other year. Since Chase had his Superhero birthday bash last year, we decided to do a small party at a place we knew he would love, Chuck E. Cheese.

I'm embarrassed to say that I had never been to this mecca of video games and pizza for kids prior to Chase's party. So, needless to say I didn't quite know what to expect. It was fun despite some of the party planning details that a mom planning a party there for the first time would not be aware of. Chase had fun, even though he was not too impressed with Chuck E. himself and all the attention, but he loved playing all the games to get tickets for a prize, the pizza, and of course opening all his presents and that is all that matters. (For example, there are certain cups for kids that adults can not use. If you want cups for water, you do not have to pay for them but they are strictly water cups and cannot be used for other beverages, juice, softdrinks, etc... you have to pay extra for cups to use for those beverages.) Here's the link to photos from Chase's Cheezy party....

So, Chase is four. Wow. He's so smart and full of energy... He's a really sweet kid, shy and sensitive. He is a thinker, and always has been since he was born. He also has the best smile and can be sooooo funny. He is inquisitive and asks all sorts of questions about everything...

Chase's birthday party at school. He prefers chocolate chip cookies to cupcakes. 

Silly birthday boy

He is a wonderful big brother always including Colby in the day's big adventures, most of the time. At school he likes to play with his friends and he enjoys learning his letters and numbers.

Chase and Colby so excited to test out Chase's new birthday present before Daddy's finished putting it together

Chase and Colby taking the jeep for a spin around the neighborhood.

He can write his first name all by himself and almost his last name. He knows the alphabet and can count to 100, with a little help on the transitional numbers lik 20 and 30 to get him going...

Chase and Colby enjoying the bath tub crayons from Aunt JJ. Bath time is ALOT of fun these days!

Chase is still in to Superheros, loves Ironman and Spiderman right now as well as all versions of the Power Rangers. He likes to play the Wii and enjoys the Wii sports and resort sports games. He loves baseball and football and can't go a day without asking me or his Daddy to play.

He loves the weekends when we're all together and when we just stay at home. He loves to go to the park and play outside, too. He also loves to cook, well especially bake. He loves making cookies with me especially sugar cookies that we can cut into shapes, although he loves making chocolate chip, his favorite! He also loves making pancakes and waffles, too!

Chase making his birthday breakfast, waffles -- YUM!

Our lives would not be the same without our Chasers. He has brought Scott and me so much joy and love to our lives while teaching about who we are and what life is all about. He has also challenged us more than we realized he would prior to becoming parents. Challenges that can be heart-wrenching, hear-breaking, and stressful but ultimately I feel so blessed to be his Mama.

Happy 4th "Cheezy" Birthday to you, Chase! You are my superhero!


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